Our quick adventure to The University of Arizona’s Biosphere2

– a project started in the 1980s by the University of Arizona in Tucson

In front of the living areas for the Biospherians

Francesca and I took a quick trip down to the Biosphere2 last Saturday

Mainly to just get out of the house… We’ve both been stuck in our routines of work, gym, dinner/show, bed, repeat for too long

We needed a break (she is so much better at recognizing this than I am)

So, we hopped in the car, took the back roads down and a short two-hour drive later and we’re there…

Nestled between Catalina and a little town called Oracle, AZ

The light dusting of snow on the mountains made for a beautiful view

Maybe twenty minutes NE of Tucson

You take a guided tour via the Biosphere2 app – so it’s essentially self-guided with chaperones along the way to keep the flow of people moving

There was hardly anyone touring when we showed up around 11 AM and we took our time walking through each of the buildings

It was great to not be rushed, and as we wandered between buildings outside we could let families pass that had hyperactive kids, always on to the next shiny object

The Wisdom of Getting Out

We were both super energized as we wandered around the 3-acre site

And incredibly relaxed and elevated as we sat down for lunch at the little lunch spot in Oracle afterward

I’m super grateful for Francesca’s ability to know when the two of us need a break

I talk with my clients all day about balance, the importance of rest and recovery, and getting out in nature and getting grounded

Yet, I find it hard to follow my own advice sometimes

But something as simple as getting out of your routine and stoking your childlike curiosity can do incredible things for your mental health and productivity

It was the breath of fresh air we needed