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Every Journey of 1k Miles Begins With a Single Step...

You have all of the answers to live the life of authentic truth you know is deep within you, use the tools here to uncover them. 

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Brandon Day, M.S.

The Right Plan Changes Everything

But only if you execute. Understanding what makes men operate at the deepest levels is my mission and LIfe’s Task. That’s why I created this community and resource – for you, and for me – to help us all, as men, step into authentic truth and own our power in a world of fake news inauthentic masculinity. 

Insights to elevate your confidence and unlock your potential.

Every man young and old knows the feeling – the longing to discover the secrets and mysteries of our lives…

Because our lives of convenience and consumerism have blinded us to the needs of our Soul and its task in this life, and the Wise Elders traditionally tasked with guiding young men through this initiation are vanishing…

You are meant for a meaningful and magnificent life. But, in order to create that lifeyou must embark upon a journey – an Odyssey that is as fantastic and joyful as it is grueling and painful. 

Good news – there’s no need to quit your day job or go live in a cave in Tibet. You don’t have to wait for a mid-life crisis and you will never be asked to give up social roles or sacrifice anything you wouldn’t lose anyway when your time on Earth is up. 

The modern Odyssey is technologically advanced, and therefore no need to join a tribal society or renounce your religion. Sacrifices will be made, and you won’t know what those are before you start. Willingness to make such sacrifices is the first step of your journey. 


Find Out Where You Need to Start

Use the links below to take a short quiz and see how you stack up in each of the Realms of Authentic Living 


What People are Saying

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"Brandon is the man! He listens to what you are looking for with your health and fitness and creates a plan just for you. He takes the time to really find out what your goals are and then helps them become a reality. I would definitely recommend Odyssey Health and his Bifröst Academy Program!"
Jake Dirks
Cancer Ass-Kicker
“Not only is Brandon helping me become stronger in my day to day activities, but the knowledge he is passing on is helping me to understand my body and its potential.”
Thomas Brown
Inner Monologue Podcast
"Brandon is THE BEST in the business. He has wisdom beyond his years. He helped fix and strengthen my lower back problem. Two thumbs up!"
Anthony Perez
Collegiate Football Referee
I’ve had the opportunity to work with The Bifröst Academy for 5 months so far! Theres enough space for me to say how awesome it has been and continues to be. Brandon's expertise and experience is paying off significantly for me in several ways. He has helped build strength, conditioning and endurance in ways I previously couldn’t imagine. I am pain free, can work out and have a range of motion I haven’t had in years. If you’re looking for someone who has patience and significant knowledge, Brandon is your guy.
Paul Pistilli
Air Force Academy, Top Level Executive

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